Analisi del 2015

I folletti delle statistiche di hanno preparato un rapporto annuale 2015 per questo blog.

Ecco un estratto:

Un “cable car” di San Francisco contiene 60 passeggeri. Questo blog è stato visto circa 3.100 volte nel 2015. Se fosse un cable car, ci vorrebbero circa 52 viaggi per trasportare altrettante persone.

Clicca qui per vedere il rapporto completo.

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Analisi del 2014

I folletti delle statistiche di hanno preparato un rapporto annuale 2014 per questo blog.

Ecco un estratto:

Una metropolitana a New York trasporta 1 200 persone. Questo blog è stato visto circa 4.600 volte nel 2014. Se fosse una metropolitana di New York, ci vorrebbero circa 4 viaggi per trasportare altrettante persone.

Clicca qui per vedere il rapporto completo.

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10. To feel is something precious. You decided to leave, because you were not satisfied of what you had. Good. The lack of something is always what makes a passion grow, it’s normal. You miss something –> you want it, desire it –> there borns a new passion 😀 You were missing something? Lucky you. Lots of people don’t know how to use their time, because they don’t have passions… They always got soon whatever they wanted, they had nothing to desire. Being able to get everything you want immediately is a bad thing, not a good one. YOU WERE LUCKY, you had to fight to get what you wanted. This turned into strenght, will, patience, determination. In life, whatever is missing is never really “missing”. It always pays back, but you won’t see at the first sight where the balance goes to: it’s now in your personal skills.

9. To leave my country… It was scary but awesome to leave all my problems back, all my routine, all my comfort zone, all my known people. Back. But the sense of freedom you get in return is priceless. The satisfaction to think “bloody hell, I can’t believe that I did this. But yes, in the end, I did. I’m strong enough to survive! To live alone, to travel alone, not to need anybody else. Let’s say that you realise that you’ll always need someone, the “human contact and interaction”, but that you can start from point zero whenever you want. Feeling the power to be the only owner of your life and choices. To be able to change yourself and the world around you. Experiencing the awareness that “YOU OWN THE POWER” (a bit like in Matrix movie) is something that will change the way you’ll face your life from now on. This will never abandon you, that awareness is yours forever.

8. Astonishing landscapes. Mongolia is something not easy to describe, indeed. Wild, with no civilization around you for hundreds of miles. To experience what the true silence means. There is a point where you may think “oh shit, I’m alone in this world. There is no life around me”. And you may feel sick for this lack of energy to absorbe around you. Even the wind stopped blowing. But then, all of a sudden, you notice it: that small, little light of energy under your bare feet. That small, apparently insignificant insect under the ground, or the bird flying high in the sky. There is ALWAYS life surrounding us. Sun itself, earth itself, are forms of life. Feeling part of it may seem hippie, but it’s the simple truth. Even when you’ll feel abandoned and lonely, you will never be. The planet is by your side, always, with a hand on your shoulder. You just have to realise it. YOU ARE ALWAYS CONNECTED, NEVER ALONE.

7. The skies and the oceans. Used to yellow-orange-red sunsets, to figure out for the first time that a sunset can include pink, purple, deep blue, and essentially all the colours of the world, it’s something that can help you release all you bad thoughts. Especially if the experience is shared with special people. And the milky way? Yes, at home in a very clear night, you can (maybe) try to guess its location. But uhmmm, hell, you’re not sure at all. Oh yes, you can always look at that fabolous app on your mobile phone… Screw it. Forget it. Go to a desert, and look up to the sky. The milky way is as evident as your own breath. The air is cold but frizzy like never before. And what about the oceans? We all know how the surface may look like… C’mon, we all have had at least once some ocean wallpaper on our desktop, a picture of a friend as screensaver, or so on. But did you ever feel part of a ocean’s life? That was a marvellous experience to me. I felt like this was not my element, seriously, it was easier for me to jump down from an airplane with a parachute, 4200 mt from the ground, that going down just a ridiculous 15 mt. But still, despite of the anxiety, what I saw was worth it. THE WORLD WILL NEVER STOP TO SURPRISE YOU. But remember: the beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

6. Give up on having any kind of “goal” to reach during your trip. People usually start travelling with a thought like “I want to see THIS, I want to go THERE, I want to, I want to, I want to”. There is no other purpose in travelling, than… TRAVELLING. The simple joy of living, being owner of your life and time, making new experiences, testing yourself, pushing yourself, knowing new people, changing your life, improving who you are. There is a moment when you realise how all temples are the same, how churches are the same, how castles are the same… Of course they are NOT, but seeing another one won’t mean anything to you. You’d rather prefer to spend your day chilling in a park and looking at the people around you, or getting to know better your roommates or the local culture. Because the world is plenty of assholes, but all of them have something to teach you. Especially the lessons you don’t want to learn 🙂

5. There is a specific moment, that punctually arrives if you are open enough to recognize it, where you’ll think “holy crap, this stranger just did something for me that my best friend would never do for me”. And that’s the best thing to notice: THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS. People who are so generous, so gentle, that they don’t want to hear that damned two words you want to say: thank you. People that don’t need them. Why? Because they don’t expect anything in return. And if you’ll try to ask them “why did you…?”, they’ll smile you back with their broken teeth and say “I have to thank you: you gave me the opportunity to do something good… THANK YOU!!”.

4. And point five leads us here, to point four 😀
In your previous life, you were surrounded by negativity: the social networks are nowaday a nest of envy, anger, and frustration, the news on tv only talks about corruption, murders, and how you don’t have to trust people because they are fucking insane. Everything is about business and money, that will lead you to consumerism with no respect for other people or nature, and to the unreachable stairs of success. Doing something with nothing in return? Oh no, that’s impossible, there must be a mistake… Maybe there was a trick you didn’t notice. I’m sure they will fuck you soon, deerie. Sorry. NOBODY does something to get anything back. Well, point 5 showed us this is WRONG. Of course, bad guys do exist, but there is plenty of amazing people around you, you just don’t know them yet.
And then, during your trip, you start seeing people that don’t need “the something back” to be happy, they don’t need to envy, to get frustrated, to reach the stairs of success. They are poor and they look miserable to you, because of what you see from the outside. But maybe you shall look miserable to them, for what they shall see from the inside, as you were just the reflection of your capitalist society at the beginning of your trip. Everybody is so caring about Ebola virus right now… Oh no, it’s killing so many innocent people! We all have to donate for the research, to stop it! Oh, really? Did you know how many innocents die every year for hunger, and there is a cure for this? But hunger it’s not contagious, so you don’t need to worry about it, right? So pathetic… And that’s the gift you earn in point 4: the awareness that they have been lying to you, all the time. That society wants you to envy, to hate, not to be happy and satisfied, not to realise that you need less than 100 objects (that can be packed in a 60 lt backpack) to live and TO BE HAPPY. Why? Because it’s profitable. And that’s all.

3. Also connected to points 5 and 4, you realise so that people can do amazing or truly horrible things. You knew it also before, I know… But if before you used to think that the average was zero point, and that people could go from -10 to +10, now you know that people can go from -100 to +100. And the difference is that now you know that YOU can go for +100 😀 We have truly few limits, and almost all of them are in our mind. They are not absolut limits, or, better, they are absolut only until you face and break them 🙂

2. And another thing you’ll gain during your trip: EMPATHY. Empathy has many different definitions that encompass a broad range of emotional states, including caring for other people and having a desire to help them; experiencing emotions that match another person’s emotions; discerning what another person is thinking or feeling; and making less distinct the differences between the self and the other.

1. There is NO END TO YOUR JOURNEY. Even if you’ll be back, the seed has been sown. You’ll keep growing, you’ll be searching for the truth wherever you’ll be, you’ll try to fight against the injustices you’ll find in your way (and the badasses ;))
Because what you learned (and learning to think) is like running a bike: once you learned, you never forget how it works. So, do you think you are the expert one and “oh no, not tourists again please, I don’t want to deal with the 15-days holiday tourists again”… Don’t you remember? Everybody has something to teach us. Do you think you saw everything in this world, because you left a footprint in each continent? Don’t you know that what you saw on Monday shall be seen also on Sunday, what you saw in daytime shall be seen also in nighttime, and that what you saw today shall be seen also tomorrow, because there won’t be the same people there? And even if there would still be the same people, they could be in different mood, or anyway they cannot be exactly the same as yesterday. Face the truth: you can’t see the whole world. And it doesn’t matter.  🙂

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10. Motorbike exhaust tattoo on my leg, Vietnam. A needle entered my leg for 5 cm, Gobi desert, Mongolia. A nail, in my right foot, was ripped off, Russia. Bedbugs scars everywhere, Myanmar and Thailand. The tam on my feet, zebra-style, has the shape of my trekking sandals.

Broken hair, sunburnt on my shoulders. Weird chess field on your back, explaining which kind of spaghetti blouse you had in every single day of your trip.

Beauty sometimes is not part of your travel plans.

9. Spending days eating chocolate biscuits and cheese crackers, because there’s nothing hygienic around you.

8. Sleeping in the same room with rats and cockroaches. Eating a dog and having to admit that it taste good. A toilet in China.

7. Scammers. Scammers. Scammers again.

6. The instinct fighting against you, during your first dive. Breathing underwater and calm down are two things hard to conciliate.

5. Having stomach / intestine problems. Puking your soul.

4. Handbag, with credit cards, money, PASSPORT, stolen by three policemen in Vietnam.

3. Missing people. Missing a place to stay, or a point of reference. Not knowing if you’re tired or travelling or you’re not, but for sure knowing that you don’t want to be back to your previous life.

2. Taking the wrong drug, or not dealing well with it.

1. Fearing to have malaria or rabies, or some other deadly disease.


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1. …Leaving an alarm clock ringing for 20 minutes at 7.00 am in a dorm, it’s not really a nice idea. Shut this f*** thing down!

2. …Turning on the light (7.20 am), waking up everybody. You stupid creature, turn on the bathroom light, not your own! Or use your stupid Iphone for a clever purpose, for example using the torch app, as I see you have it!

3. …And prepare your backpack in the evening, when everybody is still awake, so you can sneak out fast and with no noise… Not in the morning, and taking one hour to do it, moving all the plastic bags you have inside!

4. If there’s written “Please don’t throw toilet paper in the wc”, that doesn’t mean that you have to do it, regret it, and so leave everything like this, thinking “the next person who will get there will manage the consequences instead of me”.

5. Don’t use other bed plugs when the other guest is around. Some people are just too shy (and polite) to ask you to move your stuff to charge their laptop, or camera, or phone.

6. If there’s a sign telling you to remove your shoes before entering, do it! People are often walking there with their bare feet, and don’t like to step on the mud you carried inside the hotel.

7. Don’t take 1 hour time to shower, only for chilling, at 8.00 am. Other people may need it before to take a bus, a tour, or start their day as well. And don’t leave your dead hair everywhere in the shower, throw them in the trash bin.

8. Don’t return to the hostel at 3 am, drunk, complaining about the fact that everybody is sleeping and you still want to party. They may kill you. You don’t know for how long they had been waiting for a proper bed.

9. Don’t be unfriendly and silent, or always looking at the internet. It’s a hostel, people get there to know more people, to make new friends. Let’s avoid to create a bad atmosphere, ok?

10. Stop complaining about hygiene. People can arrive from the worst countries, and probably had seen things much worse than that one.

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10 tricks to travel, what you need to know

1. Use couchsurfing. Seriously. It’s an Amazing way to travel, and not just a cheap option. It’s a human experience.

2. Travel slowly. It will be cheaper. Avoid flights, avoid urgent requests for visas. Take your time to check prices in at least 5-10 agencies for public transportation, for excursions, and take your time to ask to 5 hotels how much for a bed or a room.

3. Stay a bit out of the city centres. At walkable distance, let’s say. Food and accomodations are cheaper.

4. Download Mapswithme Pro on your mobile phone. Android 2.1 or more are required, it costs 5 dollars, but it will save you much more money (and time). Because everytime a tuctuc driver will tell you “No, it’s 7 km to the downtown” you can check if it’s true or not, and if it’s not and you want to walk, you’ll know the way.

5. Use hostelbookers or hostelworld or to check some hotels before your arrival. It’s Always good to have some names with you.

6. Use skype and wifi connections, what’s up, viber, email, whatever you want. Forget the rest.

7. Check WIKITRAVEL. It is your guru. It can tell you how much you should pay for that damned ticket you are searching for, or how is the cheapest way to do certain things. Check the rules to get around the country you are in, and what is cheaper (bus, train…?).

8. Check some travelblogs. Travelfish is a good one, OnewayticketPhil as well.

9. Seat61 is a good website to check all trains in the world. Skyscanner is good for flights.

10. Arm yourself with patience, good mood and have fun! 😀 Your enthusiasm is the thing you need the most to travel!

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Budget: what I spent before the departure (prices in Italy)

Purchases Decathlon for the   journey (various and pants)
 €            134,05
08/12/2012 Buy Nikon D5200 in the website   of Dama Srl    €          714,99
08/12/2012 Buy Nikon lens 18-200 in   website Giga of Nicholas de Cristofaro  €          615,50
24/01/2013 Purchase battery pack + filters   + sdhc card in  €            50,00
29/01/2013 Buy Salomon hiking shoes in   Longoni Sport sport  €            99,95
30/01/2013 Sleeping bag Ferrino Lightec   700W in  €          165,89
01/03/2013 Vaccines against tetanus,   typhoid, hepatitis A    €            75,50
15/05/2013 North Face jacket bought in   Sport Time shop    €          199,00
29/05/2013 Vaccines yellow fever,   meningitis    €            24,00
24/06/2013 Cholera vaccines, polio booster    €            26,79
02/08/2013 Cholera vaccine    €            19,85
03/08/2013 Trekking sandals Lizard to   Sport Specialist (3 years warranty)  €            59,96
04/08/2013 Malaria prophylaxis    €          120,00
05/08/2013 Stamp duty for passport    €            40,29
05/08/2013 Health insurance   Europassistance year until 08/31/14  €          507,00
13/08/2013    8 passport photos         €            10,00
  TOTAL    €         2.862,77
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The city where I grew up….

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My fantasy blog (in italian language)

My fantasy blog (in italian language)

BENVENUTI NEL MIO REGNO, MAGICIANS!! Qui potrete postare, condividere opinioni, comunicare con persone divorate dalla vostra stessa passione: il Fantasy!!! Discussioni su libri, cinema, manga, anime, collezionismo, gadgets, link utili, immagini, news… TUTTO QUESTO E MOLTO DI PIÙ, MA SOLO QUI, IN MAGICIANS KINGDOM!

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